Progressive Group Sustainability Policy

This Sustainability Policy applies to the activities and operations of Progressive Group’s three companies: Progressive Equipment, Progressive Hydraulics and Progressive Machining based at Northway Street, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Business Vision

We design, manufacture and service hydraulic industrial and mobile systems, and aspire to do so in a way that is environmentally sustainable, socially beneficial and contributes to the New Zealand economy.


Sustainability is an important strategy for the long-term development of our business and the concept is applied throughout the whole life cycle of the products, projects and services supplied to our customers. Our commitment to both sustainability and lean manufacturing is integrated into our design process with a focus on simple, elegant, low maintenance and energy efficient products.

Through our work, we wish to:

  • design and manufacture excellent products and/or offer outstanding services to our customers;
  • minimise the potential for negative environmental and social impacts associated with our activities and products by incorporating sustainability principles into all aspects of our business; and,
  • be an example of business sustainability, so that other companies, organisations and individuals can learn how to incorporate sustainability into their day-to-day activities.

We are committed to:

  • The prevention of pollution and improvement in environmental performance of all significant impacts of our activities through effective control measures;
  • Always complying with all applicable regulations and laws applicable to Progressive Group companies;
  • To working towards continually improving our environmental and social performance through the implementation and maintenance of an environmental management system;
  • To communicate this policy to all stakeholders and interested parties.

We have committed to maintaining an environmental management system that complies with the international standard ISO14001 for environmental management so that our impacts can be effectively monitored and managed. We have also committed to creating regular sustainability targets and actions, to ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance and the prevention of pollution.

Management is committed to demonstrating conformance with the ISO14001 environmental management system standards. Our EMS is self-declared. Progressive Group takes responsibility for ensuring that the environmental management system is accurate, reliable and up-to-date.

This policy has been endorsed by Rodney and Angela Sharp, Directors of Progressive Hydraulics, Progressive Machining and Progressive Equipment (collectively known as Progressive Group).

Sustainability objectives and targets

To ensure we meet the objectives of our sustainability policy Progressive Group will create annual targets.

Our objectives:

  • Work towards continuous improvements of the environmental performance within our manufacturing operations by maximising the efficiency of our processes, reviewing our selection of raw materials and sundry items used in our products’ manufacture, and think flexibly about achieving our customers product and service requirements with the least environmental impact.
  • Embrace the concept of Zero Waste and minimise the amount of waste we create by designing and modifying our processes to reduce waste creation, use and re-use materials as long as practical, and always investigate recycling opportunities for materials we have finished with.
  • Work towards having a sustainable and socially responsible supply chain by considering the environmental impacts of our suppliers, alongside quality and direct cost, and use companies with commitments to sustainability as suppliers of choice, where possible.
  • Communication of our sustainability vision to all stakeholders and interested parties.

Our targets for 2014:

  • To implement and maintain an environmental management system (to the standards of ISO 14001).
  • To monitor and measure key resources from business activities and operations (specifically electricity, water and fuel use), so that we can create appropriate targets for 2015.
  • To communicate our Sustainability Policy with all employees, contractors, customers and suppliers.

To ensure all management and employees are aware of the sustainable vision, values and programme of action for Progressive Group, and to raise awareness about sustainability through a ‘Sustainability Workshop’ for all staff.